don’t ever watch interviews with a celebrity if u love them u will see all the little personality quirks and habits they have and most likely see and hear them laugh several times and it will destroy u u will fall in love with them even more don’t do it do not fuckin do it ever i am warning u now save yourself before it is too late

It’s too late

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I find it very hard to believe in love anymore, I don’t think it’s for me… and I definitely do not want to marry and bond myself with someone else. I will happily dedicate the rest of my life to travelling and seeing my fav bands live. At least, that’s something I am good at, otherwise I suck as a human being, it seems. 


Name: charlotte
Nickname(s): ?
Age: 23


Favourite Colour(s): blue, black
Least Favourite Colour: brown
Favourite Food: chocolate
Least Favourite Food: spicy food in general
Favourite Band/Artist: foals, the hives
Least Favourite Band/Artist: eh..
Favourite Type of Movie: drama
Least Favourite Type of Movie: horror

One thing you can’t get enough of: concerts

One thing you hate more than anything: dishonest people


Are you single? yes
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? no
Do you flirt a lot? no
Do you believe in love at first sight? maybe
Do you fall in love fast? no
Do you ever make the first move? no
Do you want to get married? no


A daydreamer? yes
Talkative? no
Energetic? now and then
Happy? no
Trustworthy? yes
Confident? no
Friendly? a bit? 
Sarcastic? yes
Dependable? could be
Adaptable? yes
Emotionally strong? yes/no/, idk

Religious? no
Indecisive? yes
Outgoing? no
Lazy? yes
Artistic? yes
Thoughtful? not sure
Considerate? no
Romantic? depends
Obsessive? not sure
Sincere? could be
Tolerant? hmmm

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overhearing a conversation between strangers in which they’re saying something completely wrong and you really feel like correcting them


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Back in Portugal where we got a warm welcome from the local people…. NOT. Even in the London airport I realized suddenly people were kind of bitter and rude towards me… Guess I became a bit too familiar with the kindness of Swedish people. 

Back in Faro town. #faro #algarve #portugal
#sweden #nature #lakes
Killing boredom at London Gatewick airport. #foals #london #airport

Foals - Out of the woods